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'Kinesis - The movement of an organism in no particular direction in response to an external stimulus such as light.'

..and so was born Kinesis 4 through chance meetings of the movement of musicians moving in no particular direction in response to the external stimulus of music - of earth, wind, fire and water, from the north, east, south and west, beyond the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions, to groove, jam and rock'n'roll.

Kinesis 4 are musicians who in their time have respectively played in a broad palette of outfits from rock, punk, indie and retro bands to bhangra, latin, electronic and world music. Coming together as a meeting of minds, hearts and souls to bring forth a new sound of 'Harmonic Rock' incorporating the many tenticles of rock, prog, blues, harmonies and world music. Cream for the soul.

Mk5 (Jan 2019)
K4 Mk5 line-up pic
Left to right: Satpal Hans (bass guitar, b/vox), Felix Pastor (drums, percussion), Opkar Hans (guitar, keyboards, lead vox)

Mk4 (Jan 2014 - Dec2018)
K4 Mk4 line-up pic
Opkar Hans (guitar, keyboards, lead vox), Satpal Hans (bass guitar, b/vox)

Mk3 ( Jul 2012 -  Dec 2013)
K4 Mk3 line-up pic
Opkar                                            Gregorio                                            Satpal
guitar, keyboards, lead vox                   drums, percussion, b/vox                       bass guitar, b/vox 

Mk2 (Jan 2006 -  Feb 2012)
K4 Mk2 line-up pic
Left to right: Opkar Hans (guitar, keyboards, lead vox), Ben Hudson (drums, percussion), Satpal Hans (bass guitar, b/vox)

Mk1 (2000 - Dec 2005)
K4 Mk1 line-up pic
Left to right: Mark Ward (guitar, lead & b/vox), Satpal Hans (bass guitar, b/vox), Opkar Hans (keyboards, guitar, lead & b/vox), Ben Hudson (drums, percussion) 

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